Reliable IT, I really do see them as an extension of the bank's IT department, not necessarily IT but everything incorporated into that realm; information technology, information security, particularly with cybersecurity, support and delivery, and really administering the whole program in its entirety.

Moreover, I partner with Reliable IT because they're really the advisers in this area. They are the experts; I'm not going to try to pretend that I am the expert because I don't know, what I don't know.

Therefore, when we outsource to Reliable IT, it really does strengthen our overall program and our posture when it comes to maturity in the IT information security space.

Honestly, its information technology and information security never sleeps. It is 24/7, and that is a lot of pressure to have on someone in management, someone who is taking on that role and it's really just knowing that they're going to have your back. To me, that is the biggest comfort of it all.

Reliable IT as an organization really meets where our strategic plan is going and they continue to be there for us, they continue to bring information and trends in the industry, and I can always, literally I can always rely on them.

Nikki Almazan VP & IT Director
Golden State Bank

We were lacking a good support as far as our help desk is concerned. Regarding our infrastructure as well and just having that knowledge base there, that is available with Reliable IT. We've been very happy with them the last two years we've had them. Moreover, they've helped us prepare for the future, prepare for cybersecurity threats that are on horizon, and they've helped us in other responses. Their response time has been excellent, we're very happy in that regard.

Reliable IT, it's like they're right there in the office next door. I can pick up a phone and call the technicians I know that are assigned to our account and they get to me very quickly. We do have our internal IT staff with two members, they are sort of a hands-on, but most of the time with any of our systems, we can remote in, and fix the issue with the help of the Reliable IT.

I think someone like Reliable IT is something, someone you should seriously consider, when the cost of salaries, benefits, things like that against Reliable IT or an MSP like them, it should be taken into consideration. You have the help desk, network engineers, various levels of technical knowledge, and having it all available to you; this is very valuable versus paying for a staff of five people with those different levels of knowledge. It's a quite a huge cost savings when you look at it from that perspective.
Micah Calloway IT Manager
Mission Bank

One thing about Reliable is we're a small bank and we don't have an IT budget per se to have a person on staff. Therefore, Reliable acts as our internal IT. Moreover, about cutting costs, we have three locations, one branch, but three locations. Two of the locations are remote, and one had an on-site person but we were trying to cut costs and we realized we could do that by not having the on-site person, because the other two locations could function with a remote tech person and so can the branch. It's been almost a year since we did that and this worked out fine. Occasionally somebody has to go out there to fix things that break. However, the feedback has been mostly positive.

We have a good partnership with Reliable IT. Recently, some of our personal PCs were down for days because we had two software’s that did not talk to one other properly. Therefore, we removed McAfee to install Web Room and McAfee left behind a trail that took days to figure it out. They had to call out other people, but I mean the partnership was there and they came over to our office to try to figure it out. It was an unfortunate occurrence, but I appreciated the effort that they put in to get it resolved. They were hands-on deck for 24/7 until it was resolved.

Reliable IT are big advocates of teams, my boss is a big advocate for teams, so we're jumping on that “teams” bandwagon. Moreover, Michael is very enthusiastic about it, so when he comes across things that he's very enthusiastic about, he brings it to the table. Alternatively, if there's a better option for something that we need he tells us about it, and we move in that direction, if it's the right direction.
Leslie Amberger Chief Risk Officer
EH Private Bank

The migration process is something I can mention because it was very successful. We didn't have any challenges during the change. My challenges, as Mike will understand, are because I am not getting 100% support from my superiors.

Many of the things working with the previous managed service provider, we couldn't get documentation and reviewed compliance items. Therefore, I was kind of lost and a lot of project involvement, because as soon as I joined the bank I had to run multiple branches or wings. So, as time went by and I felt like a lot of things I just passed without complete control. However, as soon as we signed up with Reliable IT, all of those migration processes were very successful, without any challenge. The backup solution and server management was very successful.

In addition, we feel very safe about the way we have been working with Reliable IT. Now we are looking into modern technologies, as to an implementation of our new French opening, and also colocation and estimate migration next year we are looking into. So, it will be very exciting to work with Reliable IT.
Josh Rhie IT Manager
US Metro Bank

Reliable IT’s support is tailored to the banking industry, which distinguishes them from other general IT support firms.

Reliable IT’s commitment to providing 24-hour availability, offering expertise and assistance for small to large problems at any hour, has been a huge benefit to our company.

Based upon our experience with Reliable IT’s quick response time on tickets, their scalable support options, and the years of expertise they have on staff, I would recommend Reliable IT to any company needing an IT firm.
Dennis Hansen CFO
Austin County State Bank

Every second you wait to make the change to Reliable IT for all your IT needs, is one more second you remain vulnerable.

Reliable IT is not just our vendor, they have been a real partner to Mission Bank. They are truly a part of our team.  Reliable IT is adaptive to any changes that are necessary and responsive to our needs and requests.  They provide reasonable solutions that are both effective in the present as well as foundational for the future.  The ability of Reliable IT to address the ever changing cyber and regulatory environment ensures that our bank and our customers’ information will be safe and protected. 

Sheldon Ralph Chief Administrative Officer
Mission Bank

Anytime we need them, day or night, Reliable IT is there and able to solve the problem.

We trust Reliable IT’s judgement on security products to keep our bank safe from all types of IT related threats.  We are very happy with the services they recommend and feel safe with the products they have in place.

Kenneth Knesek Vice President
Citizens State Bank

Partnering with Reliable IT is the best decision we have ever made!

I have tremendous peace of mind not having to worry about our bank network’s up time as it is being monitored 24/7 by dedicated staff at Reliable IT.  Reliable IT exceeds the competition in their overall standard of excellence, as they are more proactive, accountable, and conscientious than any other firm we had used previously.

Lori R. Saunders COO
Plains State Bank

Reliable IT listens, AND they deliver on their promises!

Our bank was seeking a Virtual Chief Technology Officer service with depth, professional diversity, and flexibility.  Reliable IT provides each of those things.  I am constantly impressed with how they listen before they speak and follow through with what they say they’re going to do.  Making the decision to go with Reliable IT has allowed me to sleep at night. I know that the oversight of our bank’s information technology and cyber security is safe in hands of Reliable IT.

R. William Wilson President & CEO
California Business Bank

Reliable IT’s skill and experience in community banking removes uncertainty and worry.

The Reliable IT support team provides courteous and speedy resolution of technical issues for the end-user, which exceeds the service we experienced from other companies in the past.  In a world of ever-changing technology, having Reliable IT behind us significantly reduces the concern and burden of IT management. They are as their name implies – RELIABLE!

William Lau President & CEO
Eastern International Bank